Thursday, January 3, 2013

Children's TV... for adults

CITV's old skool weekend where they will show old children's TV shows for the enjoyment of nostalgic adults sounds very interesting to me, hopefully i will able to catch a few shows (i did tend to watch the BBC more though).

I wonder why no one has ever started a channel dedicated to this kind of nostalgia. We have umpteen shows dedicated to detective and police series but why not one dedicated to old children's TV. If you took shows from all channels and from a wide time period (70s to 90s) you could have a very varied and enjoyable schedule. But then again maybe this would require a bit of imagination and its easier to just dump 10  episodes of Criminal Minds on a channel back to back (Sky Living *cough*).

Talking of children's TV i seem to recall a TV play in the late 80s (or early 90s) that was about a girl trying to get into the modelling business. I think her friend was played by Kathy Burke though a look at imdb doesn't seem to show up any possible shows. So maybe i have just imagined it...

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