Sunday, May 22, 2011

Land of my Mothers

I visited Shard End in Eastern Birmingham today. It was the first place i ever lived (though as i was a baby at the time i don't remember much about it... though apparently i lived next door to Roger Taylor). My Nan lived there and its where my Mum grew up so i spent a lot of time there until my Nan passed away in the mid-90s. It was a genuine second home to me up until then.

Nowadays I don't visit Shard End very often though the last time i went i was struck by how run down and decrepit the place had become. However today i was glad to see a major regeneration project is in progress. It will look great when its all finished.
Afterwards i wandered away from the centre of Shard End and came across Kingfisher Country Park. Actually this is quite a large park that stretches through a number of districts and had the river Cole running through it. Somewhere to visit again thats for sure. I took some photos at the park which you can see here.

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