Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Giving Chrome a go

I've been a Firefox user ever since the Firebird days but recently Firefox 4 has tested my patience by crashing so often. I should add that this only occurs on my work PC and FF4 remains rock solid at home on my Mac. I tried to use Safari at work but it just has too many flaws for me.

I decided to try Chrome instead and so far i am impressed. I had to spoof the User Agent to get around some problems with our Content Management System (and this in turn messes up loading Gmail) but other than that its working really well and hasn't crashed all day! The lack of a status bar still annoys me though, i am just too used to it and feel naked without it! I managed to get around this with FF4 but as yet have not found a way to restore something like a status bar to Chrome. Though i might get used to it eventually.

I'm sticking to Firefox at home but who knows if Chrome continues to improve...

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