Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Busy day off!

I have had today and tomorrow off work, well i get a lot of leave you see as i work for a university and i haven't taken a great deal yet and as the end of next month is the mid-point of the year i thought i had better take some time off! In the end it was quite a busy day, as will tomorrow as i am going to Stratford.

Anyway today i bought some new bedding and towels and also went and watched some cricket (Warwickshire vs Durham). I took my Kindle with me to both read while i waited for play to start and also to see if Edgbaston Cricket Ground has any free wi-fi. Interestingly they have 3 separate wi-fi networks but unfortunately all password protected...

In between all this i also potted some of my tomato plants which are starting to outgrow the nursery tray and had time to visit my Mum too. I shall return to work on Thursday and have a nice rest.

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