Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 years at BCU

Today marks my 10th anniversary as an employee of Birmingham City University, or UCE as it was when i started. I started the day after May bank holiday in 2001, in fact it was May 8th when i started but as that is a Sunday this year i thought it would be better to celebrate it today!

I remember my first day quite well. When i arrived at Leyland House everything was locked up and i couldn't get in! Nobody started until 9am back then (in fact i started the 8am trend) and i arrived for work quite early, as you always do on your first day, so i had to wait. Luckily it was a lovely sunny day like today!

My desk at the start was in the office the Press Team is now on, actually i was sat where Vicky who runs @mybcu now sits. The Marketing department was very different then though, much smaller for a start. We only occupied half of Leyland House as the International Office had the rest. Nowadays Leyland House is bursting at the seams with the Marketing department alone though there is talk we will move to Edge building at some stage though probably not this year.

My first task as a BCU employee was to change the logo on the website as the logo had just changed (to the one where UCE has "Birmingham" underneath it in smaller letters). I think my next task was to add a few press releases to the website. In the afternoon i had a meeting with the head of ICT though the afternoon now seems a bit of a blur. I still came back the next day though and 10 years later i am still here, and working on the website.

Luckily now there is a CMS and other people working on the site too. However i've never been busier than i am now. Technology was supposed to make our working lives easier eh?

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