Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tamworth Castle & Town

Tamworth isn't that far away, the bus that goes from Birmingham to Tamworth even goes (more or less) past my house so its about time i got that bus and went there! So i did yesterday, mostly to see the castle which featured in a BBC programme about the Staffordshire hoard earlier in the week. The castle is very good indeed, well worth the visit. This is probably the first castle i've visited since my school days. During my History GCSE we went away on a week long field trip to visit a number of castles such as Ludlow and Goodrich. I did go to Warwick once with the intention of visiting the castle but just saw the prices and checked out faster than if someone chucked some boiling oil at me from the battlements!

You can see my photos here, i also took some inside the main parish church in Tamworth St Editha's.

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