Sunday, October 16, 2011


It was my birthday yesterday, and as it was a big one (i.e. the last digit is zero), i decided to have a short break in Oxford with my wife. Now i've never been to the university city before though my roots to Oxfordshire run deep... one branch of my ancestors has been traced back to Oxfordshire in the 1650s. My Mum was also taught to swim in the River Cherwell she claims...

Well Oxford goes into my top 5 of places i want to move to. Endless sleepy spires, wonderful museums, weeping willows and young people in gowns. I took a lot of photos, here you can see them. Also i took some along the canal there. The photos were taken with my new camera, birthday present (natch!) Its my first digital SLR so is a step above the compact i have used before. I do have a film SLR though from an earlier birthday (though not used for about 10 years) so its not totally alien...
Oxford Museum of Natural History

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