Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eye test

Two years ago i had my first eye test since i was a child, as i used a computer all day and most of the night (I probably stare at screens for about 18 hours a day) i thought it was time that i had another test! I've always had excellent eye sight though i could tell that it wasn't quite as good as it used to be. Well at my test i was found to almost have perfect vision, 20:19.75 or something. So no further action required.

So my next eye test was scheduled for today and i was put through a variety of tests, some involving blowing air into my eye and the other following a light in a dial like some rubbish 1970s video game. My eyesight has deteriorated a bit over the last couple of years though i do not need glasses yet. My distance vision is still perfect though i will need reading glasses in a few years, maybe after my next test in 2 years time. This i am not concerned about, i think i will look good with a pair of specs to be honest.

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