Monday, October 24, 2011

Another growing season comes to an end

The 2011 growing season is coming to an end so i thought it was a good opportunity to reflect on my fourth vegetable growing season. This year i changed things around a bit and on the main veg plot dispensed with the wire fences in favour of smaller fenced enclosures around where the crops actually were. However this did not seem to work as well and only some radishes grew using this method though i didn't plant a great deal on this plot to be honest.

Veg plot 2.0 was developed this year further back in the garden and i grew my peas here, i didn't have as successful a harvest as last year despite having more actual plants. I think this new plot gets too much shade from surrounding trees.

Tomatoes have been fairly successful again though its taken a long time to get any ripe fruit, only in the last few weeks has anything begun to ripen and i still have quite a few green tomatoes and time is running out.
Tomato 2011
A big project that has occupied me over the last couple of months has been the lawn which has become very patchy this year. I reseeded it in August though some patches remain so i will have to reseed it again next Spring. Surrounding trees are just sucking the ground dry though so i may have to consider calling in a tree surgeon...

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