Friday, August 19, 2011

Big Brother returns

I used to be a Big Brother ultra fan... There i have gone and admitted it. I don't mean i was Avid Marrion and stalked ex-house mates but I used to watch it every night, up until the 5th year at least i was able to list the names of every single house mate. I remember the thrill of seeing Sandy in Selfridges (albeit at a distance). I even have the first 2 Big Brother official DVDs!

After BB4 my interest waned and by the 6th series my interest had more or less gone completely. I still watched the opening night as i enjoyed playing house mate stereotype bingo ("Ex-glamour model" CHECK "Aggressive gay man" CHECK "Claims to be wild but really boring man" HOUSE!) but i seldom watched anything afterwards, except maybe the final night unless anything else was on.

So Big Brother has returned, after Channel 4 tried to kill it off last year Channel 5 bought it back to life and the opening night of Celebrity Big Brother (personally i don't like the Celebrity edition that much but i still watched) gave Channel 5 one of their biggest audiences ever!

I am happy it is back, British TV without Big Brother just seems wrong. It is maybe because i associate Big Brother with freedom and owning my own home. I bought my house just a few months before the first series of Big Brother back in 2000 and as i was still cable TV-less at the time Big Brother was more or less all i had to watch that Summer and is probably how i became a fan. It is unlikely i will watch much of the current series but i am happy it is still running somewhere. It makes everything seem all right with the world.

And my ambition to be a house mate still has the possibility of one day being realised...

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