Thursday, June 30, 2011

TOTP 17/06/1976

Dave Lee Travis is our host tonight, and he is wearing a medallion. The Wurzels are still at #1 too, incredibly. How on Earth did Britain survive the 1970s?

T.Rex - I love to boogie
Sort of rockabilly number by Marc Bolan. I like his earlier glam rock stuff though this just reminds me too much of Shakin' Stevens.

Gallagher & Lyle - heart on my sleeve
We have an accordion, chilled out bluesy guitar notes and a laid-back yet irresistible chorus. This is as close as you will get to pop heaven in the mid-1970s. Best song of the night, though some competition tonight for a change. DLT agrees, there is a lot of great music on the show tonight. Does he include the Wurzels in that? I bet he does.

Peter Frampton - show me the way
Some concert footage, i dig the massive "FRAMPTON" written in neon red letters in the background. Now that is cool. Its a great rock song too and there is plenty of long hair. Peter does an odd thing with a pipe tied to the microphone and his mouth to generate some strange but interesting noises. This is his talk box, it looks like something you use to do a stomach pump though when someone takes too many drugs.

Brotherhood of Man - my sweet Rosalie
Hot on the heels of their Eurovision success of "Save your kisses for me" they come up with a song that tries to be as close as possible to that #1 hit but at the same time tries to be different. Its just a cheesy mess though they do bring a cute dog onstage.

Mud - shake it down
Mud look like they have played this song a billion times and thus are totally bored with it. We have massive green collars and some bum bumping on stage. Those are the highlights.

Murray Head - somebody's rocking my dreamboat
You have to love the eclectic mix you get on TOTP, here we have some nice brass jazz though it does end up sounding a bit boozy and cabaret-esque.

Ruby Flipper turn up to express Candi Staton's "young hearts break free"  through the medium of dance dressed as 1930s washerwomen and Alf Garnett.

Liverpool Express - you are my love
Soft-prog/rock. This is apparently one of Paul McCartney's favourite songs, it must be true as i read it on Wikipedia. It is quite a good song indeed. The producer obviously likes it too, you can always tell when the producer does as he pulls out all the stops with special fx and special camera angles.

The Wurzels - i've got a brand new combine harvester
As they are still at #1 they are back to present their damning enditement of the agro-industry one more time.

DLT ends the show by doing the worst Tommy Cooper impression ever. See you next week!

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