Thursday, June 23, 2011

TOTP 10/06/1976

Noel Edmonds, looking amazingly similar to how he does these days, is our host for this week's slice of late 70s pop action. The Wurzels are at #1, teh horror!

The Surprise Sisters - get you into my life

This is actually quite strange, 4 women dressed in pink and black dresses (which look like they were made in the dark) gyrate totally out of rhythm with a bog standard 70s pop song. I think the "surprise" element comes from the fact the 4 of them are so awkward on stage its like they've only just met.

The Real Thing - you to me are everything

Still the same great song and the singer wears the same wide brimmed hat he wore last time they played this song. I like the fact he also has the title of the song written with sequins on his top. Now that is class.

Dion - the wanderer

To save money the BBC have just 1 dancer this week instead of a whole troupe, and a gorgeous dancer she is too though she tries far too hard in trying to emote some meaning in this retro rock and roll track. Her choreography just doesn't make sense whatsoever, its like they originally filmed her dancing a totally different song and had some audio problems so changed the audio.

Alex Harvey Band - Boston tea party

Great lyrics which rhyme coffee with tea and a guitarist who looks a bit like the Baseball Furies in The Warriors. Overall though its a bit odd even for TOTP.

Archie Bell & The Drells - soul city walk

The BBC are saving money by showing the same film footage they showed a couple of weeks ago. Oddly uncoordinated dancing by 4 men in velvet suits, like the worst family party ever. Decent song though.

Flintlock - dawn

Its Flintlock's first appearance on TOTP, its not a bad song though the bass player has an odd stance that looks like he is constipated. Its maybe a bit anemic but passable and certainly better than the Surprise Sisters or the Wurzels.

Bryan Ferry - lets stick together

Some more film footage and this one is brilliant, top song by Mr Ferry and it includes a girl dressed as a tiger too. Bryan Ferry is dressed in the white suit of cool. The whole performance is just sex.

Osibisa - dance the body music

This is a bit of a soul and world music funk mix complete with plenty of bongo drums and some far out fashions. Its... OK.

The Wurzels - combine harvester

He wants to get his hands on her land. A thought so unpleasant as to render me a broken man and with that we have traveled through another 30 minutes slice of some of the best of the charts in June 1976. And somehow the Wurzels are the best of the lot. Amazing.

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