Wednesday, June 1, 2011

QR code crazy

I've added a QR code to this blog as you may notice on the right (of course if i later change the design and remove the code then people who read this post sometime in the future may become slightly bemused but just assume it was there once!) Now if you don't know what a QR code is then basically its a small barcode that can be read with a smartphone and is a quick and easy way to jump to a website. So people can scan the code on this page and... er... go to this page.

Of course you may wonder why bother? Well i have been playing around with QR codes a lot for the university i work at, pioneering their use at our open days last year and we'll be using them on a much bigger scale this year so why not deploy them for myself too? Perhaps someone will print out the page and then may find it useful to use the code to return here. Or it just looks a bit cool. That will suffice.

Actually the QR code ties into a custom link i set up for this blog which is which is probably a little more useful. I've also set up for my music blog.

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