Monday, June 6, 2011

Apple now and then

The Apple keynote by iSteve and friends at WWDC was very exciting and interesting and my Macbook will be running OSX Lion and my iPad iOS 5 within the next few months i am sure. iCloud might be something i use though i do prefer to "spread my bets" when it comes to technology and data a bit (for example all my photos get uploaded nowadays to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and burned to a DVD!) Anyway all this modern Apple mayhem is all very exciting but what about something a little more retro?

I bought a new bookcase yesterday and placed it at the top of the stairs, in doing do it displaced the Mac 512K which had been an "object d'art" atop the stairs for the last few years. This is real Apple archaeology, whilst OSX Lion will work on my Macbook it won't on the 512K which was the second ever model of Apple Macintosh released back in September 1984.

It had a whole 512K of RAM and an 8MHz M68000 processor. I'm not sure what to do with the 512K, i shall likely clean it up a bit (its been used as a plant stand for a few years and is a bit grimy) and place it elsewhere in the house to provide a bit of retro street cred. Incidentally the last time i did try this Mac it did work though it needs a special power adapter as its a US model and thus needs 120 volts not 240. I guess it would explode if plugged into the mains, especially after a few plant pot water overflows...

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  1. Foot rest for when you're posting your crazy tv show updates from your iPad.