Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Watership Down

Watership Down, Richard Adam's famous story about a group of rabbits fleeing the destruction of their warren to set up a new one on the Down, thrilled me as a child when i first read it. Without a doubt the story was a big influence on my own stories which have often featured groups like the rabbits in the story (though not actually rabbits - well apart from some space rabbits once...) Although its been a long time since i last read the book (and i do not have a copy anymore) i remember the story very clearly.

What i didn't know until recently was that there was a sequel (of a sorts!) "Tales of Watership Down" was written 25 years after the original and has a number of stories of our rabbit heroes in the aftermath of the defeat of Efrafa. There are also some tales from rabbit folklore and the hero El-ahrairah. A very enjoyable book indeed (and my copy only cost me 1p - albiet with 2 pounds postage!) One surprise was that when i got the book i found that it had been signed by Richard Adams!

When i first read the original book i did hope that there would be a follow-up, "Tales..." kind of fulfils that wish though it does leave the ending open. What happens to the likes of Bigwig and Fiver in the end... well i guess we just have to use our own imagination.
A rabbit on Holford Sports Field, Perry Barr

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