Thursday, July 16, 2015

A question of fonts

I often agonise over what fonts to use on my blogs. Design and readability are my key considerations of course, plus i want to use the most accessible fonts possible to ease reading especially for dyslexics (being one myself!). One font which is good for readability but generates a lot of hate is of course Comic Sans though i personally like the font, its often fun to set it as your browser's default font and then force websites to use it (as you can in Firefox), reading serious news stories in Comic Sans is a somewhat surreal and relaxing experience.

So that brings me to this blog, i've become bored of sensible fonts and wanted to use something similar to Comic Sans and a bit weird so i am trying a webfont called Coming Soon. No doubt i will bore of it soon so i have attached part of a screen shot so future readers (after the font has changed) will know what it looked like! Update: I bored if it very quickly!

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