Friday, March 7, 2014

End of the affair

So after working on my dissertation for about a year and a half (including research and feasibility studies) at the start of 2014 i submitted it hoping it would be good enough to score me a Masters in History with the Open University. This week the result came out at long last, and it indeed was good enough!

So now i am an MA, i can add that to my assortment of other letters. Its been a long road but my formal academic career will now end after 9 years at the OU (BA then MA) at least for now. I would like to do a PhD but time is a scarce commodity for me these days and funding is not in place and this is likely to remain the case for some time.

Its a shame but maybe it doesn't matter too much, maybe after 9 years its time to end anyway. Its not like i will stop learning in any case, just now i will be reading histories for the interest and not because i have to.

Well i say its all over but i have my graduation to look forward to in June.

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