Sunday, February 23, 2014

The last DC-10

The Douglas DC-10 is leaving passenger service (although some freight planes and examples the later MD-11 reboot remain in service). The last example has flown from Bangladesh to Birmingham where it has been used for a number of sight seeing trips before being finally retired. I wish i'd known about the trips beforehand as i would have seriously considered a (probably) last flight on a classic jetliner.

I've flown on a few classic jetliners, my first 3 flights were on a Tupolev Tu-154, an Ilyushin IL-62 and a BAC 111. After that Airbuses and modern Boeing are just a bit... boring. I've never flown on a DC-10 unfortunately but at least i was there to take some photos when it flew over my house earlier returning to Birmingham Airport after a flight! What a lovely noise it made too.

It first flew the year i was born and now its for the scrapheap. I hope thats not a bad omen...

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