Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy birthday Gravelly Hill Interchange

On the 24th of May 1972 the Gravelly Hill Interchange was officially opened, this motorway junction is more commonly known as the Spaghetti Junction of course. The name was originally coined by the journalist Roy Jones in 1965 when he said plans for the proposed junction, which connects the M6 motorway to the Aston Expressway A38(M) as well as local roads like the A38, looked like a plate of spaghetti!

I've lived close to the junction most of my life and over the years have also walked underneath it along the Tame Valley Canal and some of the service areas. You can see some of my photos here, here and here. Paradise Circus also comment on the interchange's birthday.

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  1. I cycled down to see that opened, not as good as the opening of the Queensway, I was the first to ever cycle through those tunnels