Monday, May 13, 2013

Broken crockery

While digging a hole in the garden earlier today (to fill another hole with soil... which is where the soil for my raised bed came from - there is a method to this madness) i found a few pieces of broken crockery. Its funny how you always find these little bits of broken cups and plates if you dig deep enough. I wondered why this was so.

Did people in the past often drop cups and plates in their gardens and then leave the shards in the garden? I'm not the only person to ponder this, and their thought that maybe these shards were put in the bottom of pots and over time ended up in the soil seems feasible. Anyway the pea plot is now more or less ready, the cane frame went up today and soon i shall translate the pea plants in my nursery to the big bad world outside.

As well as these pieces of crockery i also found a large rusty metal bolt. Maybe it fell off a Spitfire... well as i live opposite the Castle Bromwich Jaguar factory which in the war made Spitfires perhaps that isn't quite as far fetched as it might seem. Probably more likely off an old lawn mower or something though!

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