Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How do you name your computers?

Its a standard geeky question, what convention do you use to name your computers? Some use the names of planets, gods from Greek mythology, comic characters. I used to use the names of Indonesian towns and cities (don't ask).

Of course this is more important and relevant if you are a business with large numbers of computers and there are a number of websites with advice on suitable and scalable conventions. Much of the advice suggests sensible and geographical/functional names which is fine for big organisations but otherwise i think we should use a bit of whimsy.

Recently i decided to start a new convention and re-name my kit, i decided on female names so my computer is Miriam (my old one has retrospectively become Suzy) and my new iPad is Mary-Ann. So it didn't feel left out i decided to name my typewriter too, that is now Dorothy (did try Deborah but she didn't like it).

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