Friday, February 8, 2013

Trying a bit of e-commerce

You may have noticed that there is a "Store" link in the blog's menubar now, i have added an Amazon aStore  so please feel free to buy some stuff! My music blog also has a store and i might add a few more too, its pretty easy to set up to be honest.

The question of course is, will anyone actually buy anything from them? I've tried Amazon Associate links for a couple of years now and no one has ever bought anything using them so far! Maybe you should buy something and be the first, you won't get any prize though.

I am no stranger to e-commerce though, in fact i wrote one of the first e-commerce websites in the UK for Software Warehouse back in late 1995, that was just a few months after Amazon went live. I had to hand write pretty much everything in Perl and it worked well generating well over a million pounds worth of orders i believe. However while Amazon became a multi-billion multi-national business i am still pretty much where i was so i'm not sure what went wrong there.

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