Friday, June 1, 2012

York (1) : National Railway Museum

We've just come back a very enjoyable holiday in York. I have been there once before, but i was very young (maybe 9 or 10?) and do not remember anything about it apart from the vaguest memory of being on a train. I have a photo still of me at York station.

So it was high time i returned to York, this time hopefully remembering something about the place afterwards, and if not at least i could take plenty of photos. Of course the highlight of the trip was a visit to the National Railway Museum. When i was there i felt like i was 10 again.

Seeing 87001 in particular was brilliant. When i was a schoolboy i used to go trainspotting to Stechford station mostly, the express trains from New St to Euston blasting through at speed, hauled mostly by Class 86s and 87s like 87001. Ah the memories, of being buffeted by air and deafened. Happy times.

Unfortunately 87001 was immobile at the museum but i could still imagine it roaring through Stechford at the head of an express. You can see all of my photos here.

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