Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Merging my twitter accounts

I've been using Twitter for some time, as well as my personal account i set up a work account a few years ago with the intention of it being a shared account by the web team at the university i worked at. It never worked out that way though and became a secondary personal account. However it soon became my primary account because more people followed me (no doubt because of the BCU link).

I've decided to let my original account go (it will just fade away) and de-link the account from my employers and have renamed the other account to @chrischowdavies. In case you wonder my nickname at Tw2, where i worked before was Chow. I've de-linked it for no nefarious purpose, just that people think the account is an official one and have expectations i can assist with their IT problems...

So if you follow my original account please follow the other one instead. If you follow the other one you don't need to do anything, just sit back relax and enjoy the flight.

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