Saturday, March 24, 2012

Gardening season 2012 begins

I broke out the hoe and fork and began preparations of the veg plot for its latest growing season. Last year i branched out a bit and created Veg Plot 2.0 further back in the garden (though only grew peas in it). They came up ok but not as well as on the original plot, i think plot 2.0 is a bit too shaded. What i am doing this year is dispensing with plot 2.0 and instead have increased the size of plot 1.0 a bit.

I have dug it all over and will be enriching the soil with some compost and coffee grounds. I shall be seeding some peas in nursery pots soon. Radishes were a success last year so i'll be seeding them directly into the ground again. Carrots and tomatoes are also on the agenda.

Key to this year of course will be to actually eat the veg produced. Apart from the peas and some of the radishes i didn't have that great a track record on that front last year...

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