Monday, August 4, 2014

The Commonwealth triumph

Tonight there is a Commonwealth Games shaped hole in my life! I really love festivals of sport, especially multi-sport events like the Games and the Olympics. Although some in the media have criticised the Games (probably because it had the temerity to not take place in London) i thought the Commonwealth Games was a tremendous show.

In many ways i actually prefer the Commonwealth to the Olympics, for one the medals are more fairly shared out without the juggernauts of the USA and China being present, plus some sports that really should be in the Olympics like squash and netball have a chance to shine. A great thing about events like the Commonwealth and the Olympics is that women's sport gets some decent time in the media and it isn't all about football (which i like to watch a lot but the endless speculation and droning on about nothing in particular gets rather tiring).

But now its over, and the countdown to Rio begins i suppose. But there is something about a games in the home islands that makes them extra special... Unfortunately we'll have to wait a long time for another home games, maybe Cardiff in 2026?

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