Friday, August 29, 2014

Return to SVR and Bewdley

When i took a trip on the Severn Valley Railway back in late June it was the first time i had been on the line for thirty odd years but now i've been on it again within a couple of months. This time just a short trip up to Bewdley, somewhere else i have not been for a long time. In fact it was when i went on a camping trip with the Cub Scouts to Bewdley, and thats when i was probably on the SVR last before this year too. Today our haulage was Southern Region in the shape of a Battle of Britain Pacific.

Unfortunately it rained all the time we were in Bewdley so that put a literal damper on things but i took some nice photos, you can see the SVR ones here. I must return soon, preferably on a dry day.

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