Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Square photographs

A question absolutely no one has asked me is why do i only take square photographs these days? Its actually been this way for quite a while, looking at my Flickr i started taking square photos only from November last year when i did the Limehouse Cut canal walk. Actually Flickr was a major reason why i started taking photos in this format.

The UI changes to Flickr last year made my photostream page very untidy (in my opinion) with different sized photographs making it jump around and lob-sided (look i have OCD ok?) So changing to square photographs only made the album display much neater. Afterwards i found i preferred square photos anyway. They remind me of my first film cameras and they also work nicely on my blogs (which is where a lot of my photos end up) especially when viewed on a mobile device. With a bit of CSS i can even give the photos the rounded edges you used to get with printed photographs...

Now its just too weird for me to take non-square photographs. My iPhone is set to square photos by default (have to get a separate app for that though), if i take photos with my DSLR then i crop them in Photoshop. Square photographs present more of a challenge often, especially photographing trains and boats and other long objects. Cars work pretty well though.

So there you are thats the reason for my square photos, driven by technological necessity and no doubt a lot of bloody mindedness.

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