Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A return to train spotting

Something i have not done for years, since my teenage years in fact, is actually go to a station and watch the trains go by for a few hours. Now i've been to preserved railway lines and museums (such as the SVR trip yesterday) and visited a station briefly now and then (plus traveled on trains a lot, especially this year) but i haven't gone to a station and watched the trains for an extended period of time.

In the past i used to go to Stechford a lot, loving the Euston expresses blasting past at a high rate of knots. Well today i went to Barnt Green and experienced much the same. Voyagers and Turbostars flying past but also a HST and a bit of freight too! You can see my photos here.

I must do this again, though with my DSLR next time. The iPhone is fine for static photos but messes up a bit when something is traveling fast! So yes a return to train spotting but i don't bother underlining numbers in my Ian Allan abc anymore.

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