Thursday, May 1, 2014

Speaking to aliens?

Over 77, 000 videos have been uploaded to Youtube by a user called Webdriver Torso. All the videos follow a distinct pattern, they are 11 seconds long, include simple blue and red box graphics on a white background and have a retro computer tone tune, rather Atari 2600-esque actually.

So what are these videos for and why so many? They are pretty mesmerising thats for sure, oddly relaxing. Some have speculated its an attempt to communicate with aliens, an internet version of the shortwave radio numbers stations of the Cold War, a technical test or an advertising campaign. As the BBC article shows the origin and purpose of the videos is certainly a mystery. Until its solved enjoy the following...

Or if you want to play every single video back to back here you go, will only take 289 hours!

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