Friday, November 29, 2013

A826 w/c 25/11/13

We are now in the final run-in. The dissertation must be handed in in mid-January so in effect that means it must be largely completed by Christmas Eve! That is all on track, the three chapters are all in a good state and i have started working on the conclusion which i will begin writing next week.

Attention is now on how i will get it printed and bound. I looked at a few places and raised my eyebrows at the quotes for printing and spiral binding the dissertation. In the end i have decided to do it myself (or try anyway). I've ordered a laser printer and will get a binder too. Together they come to about the same as the quote to get it printed elsewhere but it will also give me the flexibility and safety margin of being in control of production.

This is something producing the EMA for A825 warned me about last year. I had it all printed, checked dozens of times, about to put into the envelope to send to the Open University when i noticed on one of the references i had spelt "history" wrong! Luckily i was able to reprint that offending page.

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