Friday, August 23, 2013

A826 progress w/c 19/08/13

An uneven week, i was unmotivated at the start of the week but the end of the week saw my first visit to the National Archives at Kew in West London. Now i have been to archives and record offices before of course (Stratford mainly but also Warwick and Birmingham) but Kew is a whole other kettle of fish (whatever that means?)

I was a little bewildered on Thursday evening when i got my reader ticket, Kew's system is a lot more advanced and complicated than the other offices i have been to, but this morning i started to get the hang of it and had a look at some of the records and accounts from the Stratford & Moreton Railway Company (central to my thesis). Some useful stuff but i need to process it to get the full value.

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