Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More model railway musings

Last night i took a break from study and (as well as watching Masterchef) i had a look at a book i have bought recently on the railway from Birmingham to Stratford (and from Hatton too). Some of the old GWR stations on the route have given me some inspiration for what my new model layout could be like if i do restart this hobby next year.

Claverdon station in fact looks like it could be a perfect starting point for my project. The station is very reduced now with just a single track and platform, back in the 1930s it wasn't that much bigger but it had a second track and platform for goods. Such a simple layout could fit in very well with my plans. My major problem at the moment is where to put the layout. The loft is an option of course but i don't really want to have to go up there all the time to play if i can avoid it. I found in the past that locations like that are fine in the Summer but too cold in the Winter (when you are more likely to have time for hobbies!) I must visit Claverdon next year and get a feel for the place, ironically its one of the new stations in South Warwickshire i haven't been to yet...

Yesterday i had a look on the Hornby site to get some measurements of stock. Ideally i want a station that can have 2-3 coach trains. I worked out that roughly a 3 coach train and a small loco is about 920mm long so that can be my guide for how much space i need...

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