Thursday, November 8, 2012

Awaiting feedback

I've sent a draft of my dissertation proposal to my tutor and now i am awaiting feedback. I can't really proceed with anything until i get that feedback and an initial "yay or nay" which is a bit frustrating but thats the way it is. Time is short but then again i do have two months more or less before the final deadline. Christmas (which you may have heard of) unfortunately looms at the end of that so in reality my deadline is about 6 weeks.

In that time i have to refine and complete my proposal and write a research essay (and of course do some research for it!) However i think thats all in hand, as long as i can get to the archives this month then i can write it all up in early December.

I think my research essay (which has to be related to the dissertation proposal) will be along the lines on assessing whether trade directories can be used to track economic change. Well thats the idea anyway. Lets see if thats a goer or not...

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