Friday, April 27, 2012

Sorting the wheat from the social media chaff

The sides of the road to a happy computing experience is littered with burnt out wrecks and abandoned ideas, that at one time seemed the cool new thing but quickly faded. This is especially true with social media. I use a number of platforms like Facebook and Twitter but there are plenty of others i tried and didn't like. Remember Friendster?

Listgeeks and Pinterest can be added to the fail pile i think, i have tried both but lack the interest to continue. They are fine sites (i know Pinterest has a lot of fans and buzz at the moment) but they are not for me. Now i have a decent smartphone at last its mobile social media sites like Instagram and Foursquare instead which have my attention. Retro photography and competing with my peers on how many mundane places i can go to is so me.

I am fickle though so it will probably all change around within a few months.

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