Sunday, February 12, 2012

Locating the graves of ancestors

As i mentioned in my brief history of Witton Cemetery my Great-grand father and great-uncle are buried there. A couple of years ago i went there to help my Mum and Uncle find a couple of graves. One was of their oldest brother Roderick Grant who died in 1935 while still a child and the other that of one of their grandmothers.

They had not visited the site for decades and had no idea where the graves were but thankfully the staff at the cemetery were able to quickly tell us roughly where the graves were located. It was still not the easiest thing in the world though to find the graves. Although every grave plot is numbered the number is only displayed in a headstone and not all headstones have a visible number. A lot of graves are not marked by any headstone including that of Roderick's. Luckily the grave next to Roderick's was numbered so we could find were he was. In the photo below he is (probably!) under on the right.
We think my great-grandfather Stephen Morris was buried here too though would need to get the cemetery staff to look up for us, they said there was someone else buried in the same plot. The next grave to look for was that of my great-grand mother Rose Eleanor Grant and that was much easier to find (once we knew what to look for). Like Roderick's her grave is unmarked though.

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