Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Google Plus

Google Plus (or Google+) is the new social network from Google (natch) which is Google's attempt to dethrone Facebook. Its currently in a closed beta and you have to be invited to be able to participate... well i got my invite today and now i have an account on there. This is my profile page, i think it is publicly viewable if you don't have a Google+ account but if not let me know. Very early days of course but i like what i see. It works really well and doesn't have some the crap thats beginning to accumulate with Facebook.

Of course the clincher when deciding to change social networks is where are your friends so Facebook isn't dead yet but people thought the same about Myspace once...

Talking of Facebook this is a great site which collects some of the saddest moments in humanity's interaction with the social networking Goliath.

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