Monday, May 16, 2016

Stafford spotting

Well lets start a week off with a bout of trainspotting at Stafford, though strictly speaking i don't "trainspot" as i don't write down the numbers but i do photograph the trains of course (and this proves handy to elderly spotters who ask me if i saw the number of the train that just passed and i can look it up on the camera!)

I've been to Stafford twice before but not on a week day until now. I was especially keen to come on a week day as i wanted to see one of the Royal Mail liveried units and also the new Gatwick Express units on test and these are generally only to be seen on a week day (the latter only on Mondays along this line apparently). Happily i was able to see both as well as a lot of freight (something else much more common on a weekday). You can see my photos here.

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