Sunday, January 24, 2016


Something i have been waiting for for a number of months now has been a tour of the disused tube station at Aldwych on the Strand. Whenever you have to wait a long time for something you always worry if it will be worth the wait, well no need to worry as it greatly exceeded even my high expectations!

Aldwych closed in 1994 due to low passenger volumes and the need to replace the lifts. The station was kept as it was for a number of reasons including filming tube scenes in films and TV shows but also for emergency services training. The station is a fascinating period piece in many ways though quite a lot of the features are not exactly authentic, some old posters for example may look like they have been left since the closing but are actually later additions for a filming. Aldwych is on a branch of the Piccadilly Line from  Holborn and the branch line is still operational and includes a 1972 Stock tube train.

The tour was very interesting and included both platforms (one was closed in 1917 and includes the oldest remaining track on the underground). But of course as the lifts no longer worked it was a 160 step walk down to the platforms, which is fine... going back up was a different story! You can see my photos here.

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