Sunday, December 27, 2015

2015 Review : August

August might be considered a slightly quieter month but it still saw my first trip proper to Princes Risborough (as opposed to just the station) and Monks Risborough. A return to Banbury and a trip to Hereford too.

I had some trouble with my iPhone which suffered from a swelling battery. This soon rendered it unusable. I therefore got a new phone, a Lumia, but to my surprise Apple replaced the iPhone free of charge anyway even though it was out of warranty so i ended up with 2 phones. I continued to use the Lumia as my main and the iPhone as a backup until yesterday when i finally switched back to the iPhone as a main.

Song of the month was "I don't want to" by La Casa Al Mare.

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  1. I used to commute to London on the Chiltern Line, I often used to plan to visit some of the places along the way, the only one I visited was Banbury (And Leamington but I worked there)