Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rachel 2.0

A couple of Sundays ago i noticed something wrong with my iPhone 5c (which is called Rachel - all of my computer and gadgets have names). Rachel was starting to warp, something appeared to be pushing the screen out from the back. I assumed it was a glue issue or maybe warping caused by heat so i taped the screen back in and all was fine again (apart from sellotape over the screen!)

I was due an upgrade on my phone contract with Vodaphone anyway so got a new Lumia Windows phone (which is called Hazel) but hoped that Rachel would be able to continue, albeit with tape, as a spare phone. Unfortunately the phone warped again. I went online and found it was probably due to the battery expanding after a gas build-up! Suffice to say it was time to contact Apple...

And everything was sorted out very quickly. Apple sent me a box with pre-paid postage to send Rachel to them. I posted it on Monday and on Wednesday night i took delivery of a brand new iPhone! So now i have Rachel 2.0. Its easy to moan so i thought i would write a blog post to praise Apple for sorting my phone out so quickly. Now all i have to do is try and remember all of my passwords again...

Incidentally Hazel is a very nice phone, i like Windows Phone OS too. Hazel is very good, but just not quite as good as Rachel.

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