Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Getting back into study

Its been well over a year now since i completed my History Masters, in fact its almost a year since my graduation. Busy with a new job and wanting a break from study after 9 years of work with the Open University i resolved to leave things for a bit. In the end it was probably a bit longer than i really intended but i have now finally signed up to a new course!

I am not going to pursue another degree or masters though, been there and done that and to be honest with the HE funding changes i can't afford even the OU anymore. So instead i intend to do a number of short courses in areas that interest me starting with the weather! My first (hopefully of many) courses will be SG089 Science : the weather. Last year i bought a book on meteorology but found it hard to get into, hopefully the course will help me with this and maybe soon i can be predicting the weather! There are a number of other short courses on historical subjects at other universities i am also interested in but lets try SG089 first...

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