Saturday, June 14, 2014

My graduation

So thats it then, MA in History completed. My graduation was this morning in Birmingham's Symphony Hall. Although i got the actual certificate a few months ago it was nice to formally end the course in this way. At the moment no further studies are planned so maybe the academic journey begun back in September 1976 when i started school can be said to have finished today.

Or maybe not. Learning is a lifelong process. There might be a PhD one day perhaps, i just need to think of something for my doctorate, get the time to do it, and some cash would come in handy as well of course.


  1. Congratulations ! Birmingham Symphony Hall is a splendid place to celebrate graduation from the OU as I did in 1996. Well done

  2. It's probably late in the day, but i just wanted to say congratulations. I have also embarked with the OU, last October, on a long journey to completing my Masters in History. At the moment it feels like struggle. I hope one day i'll be sitting there waiting for my name to be called out. Anyway congrats again.