Thursday, March 7, 2013

Book code

Last night i finally got around to reading an old paperback book which i had bought off eBay years before. The book (the novelization of Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon" no less) is in reasonable condition though is rather faded and looks like it has passed through quite a few hands since it was printed in the early 1970s. The content itself is of course cheese central. But there is nothing wrong with that on occasion...

However on the second page of the story i found the word "man" circled. This struck me as rather random and i have not detected any other circled words yet. Of course having watched far too many spy dramas over the years i immediately thought of secret codes.

I suppose what might be fun might be to circle random words in a book you sell or give away and hope that one day you drive an amateur cryptographer mad trying to work out what you meant...

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  1. Maybe its history includes being used in a Derren Brown stage show?