Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Old Asian Pics

Last night i had a hunt through my archives (or rather the motley collection of DVD-Rs and CD-Rs i have assembled over the years recorded whenever i've had a "OMG I haven't backed up for ages!" moment). I was looking for photos taken during my various holidays in Asia in the late 1990s and early to mid 2000s. I didn't find many to be honest, i think there may be more somewhere but all i could find digitally was a rather poor collection of photos taken by an old camera phone (Panasonic X200 to be exact) in the Philippines.

I did find some other photos from China, HK and Indonesia when i had a hunt through a box of photos. Not many though, of course back in the days before digital cameras we did not take as many photographs! When you were limited to a few rolls of 35mm film you had to pick and choose, whereas nowadays of course you can take 50 photos of your dinner with your phone. You can see my photos here.

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