Saturday, July 28, 2012

Let the Olympics begin!

Last night there was the spectacular opening ceremony of the Olympics held in London, i really loved it all especially the sheep, cows and smokestacks. It was like my recent MA module on the industrial revolution condensed down to a song and dance routine. My mind truly was blown, it was how it should have been for this country. Not the mass regimented armies of dancers and performers you get elsewhere but humour, quirkiness, chaos... but somehow it all works. That to be honest is Britain in a nutshell.

I shall be going down to London next week to see some volleyball but today i travelled to Coventry to see some Olympic football, womens' matches between Japan and Sweden followed by Canada and South Africa. This is the first time i've seen live football in fact and i had a great time. Coventry staged everything perfectly, even the security wasn't that much of a hassle compared to some of the dark rumours we had had before the Olympics started. You can see the photos i took today and at the Olympics in general here.

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